Keep These Questions in Mind When Going to Buy a Refurbished Phone

20 March 2018

Buying refurbished phones is a way to save your precious money. Refurbished phones are those phones that are returned or even donated by their old owner. They are used mobile phones. These are then made ready for resale. There are advantages to getting these types of phones, but there are also some precautions you need to consider. It is possible the particular phone was stolen or not repaired or even properly refurbished, especially if the seller is someone who is not reputable or the precise deal seems to be too wonderful.

Why Consider Refurbished Phones?

The reason to consider these type of phones is that they are regarded as cheap smartphones. You can save some money and get an exciting phone.

Which Refurbished Phones Deals to Consider?

Remember to purchase from a trader so that you are sure you are receiving maximum protection. Look to see if the trader has been registered to sell. You can search for cheap phone deals and compare refurbished phone prices so as to get an attractive deal.

If you are looking for deals consider looking at eBay (traders). Look at the warranty being provided. See if the refurbishment along with warranty is from the manufacturer or maybe from the retailer. Do not buy from a private seller, purchase your phone from a trader.

You can try Amazon (traders) as well. Consider the above points and look at the warranty.

Another place to check for deals is This seller mainly sells refurbished phones on contract. Compare prices with buying only the handsets somewhere else moreover pairing it with some cheap Sim-only deal. This will lead to you getting refurbished smartphones at good prices.

These are just a few places that you can check for a refurbished phone.

Remember the below points when getting a phone that has been refurbished.

1. Has the phone been restored to Factory Settings?

The refurbished phone needs to not have any evidence of the past owner. If you find any information before using the phone, this shows that it has not been totally refurbished. This may also be a stolen or a recovered phone. Carefully observe the applications on the phone. Look and see that only factory programs are present. Unrecognisable applications, as well as programs, show that the phone has not been totally refurbished. It could also mean that spyware may be installed. When you notice extra monthly fees or even unauthorized charges, it is better you contact your provider.

2. Are the accessories proper?

Check to see that all the needed items, as well as accessories, are present, like the battery as well as a charger. See if they are the factory-issued accessories. The phone may not work properly or charge properly with the improper accessories.

3. What is the ESN?

Located on inside area of the particular phone, usually underneath the battery, is where the electronic serial number or ESN will be located. This is different for every phone. If you want, contact the phone manufacturer so as to see the phone’s history, via the ESN. Due to the fact that the ESN is different for every phone, you may get details concerning past ownership, from the manufacturer. Whether the phone was reported as being stolen or whether it was returned at some time to the manufacturer, it is possible that this may have been recorded precisely by the manufacturer.

4. Is the warranty from the manufacturer or from the provider?

Ask to know if the warranty is from the manufacturer or maybe from the retailer that sold the phone to you. Some retailers increase the warranty on a refurbished phone whilst others do not. Phones may get bruises or even may have been dropped into water. If the refurbished phone is such then you will want to be sure that its parts, whether they are repaired or replaced, are covered by the particular manufacturer.

5. Is there an attractive Return Policy?

Before buying a refurbished phone, look at the dealer’s return policy. Be cautious if there is a no return policy. Retailers selling refurbished items like phones need to extend a return policy.

6. Who is the retailer or manufacturer?

Remember to only get a refurbished phone from someone who is a reputable dealer, manufacturer or even retailer. It is important to verify the credentials of your seller as well as refurbisher. Reputable dealers selling refurbished phones should be able to give details concerning the refurbishment. Phone manufacturers have interests in the advancement of their brand, therefore are not likely to sell those type of refurbished phones which will not handle normal wear and tear.

7. Is its price attractive in comparison to its brand new counterpart?

The refurbished phone needs to be less costly in comparison to a new phone. Refurbished phones are those that have been used as well as refurbished so as to replace any non-working parts, fix malfunctions, or even clear the memory. You also need to be careful if the phone is priced too low. It may not work properly or even may not have even been refurbished.

These are just a few things for you to keep in mind when thinking of getting a refurbished phone.


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