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19 May 2021

Almost everywhere you look, folks are discussing this issue. We are producing tons of unnecessary waste, not just plastic. People have given e-waste a trendy name whenever they refer to consumer electronic waste, such as old phones, tablets, and television sets.

Over the past several decades, there has been an explosion in technology. There are like 8 billion cell phones somewhere on the planet, that's more than the entire population of the world. There is an estimated 25kg of e-waste produced per adult in the UK every year. This e-waste can contain some nasty chemicals that can cause groundwater and soil pollution. The debris we leave behind, even in space, includes Elon Musk's car, which he threw out into the cosmic void.

It’s Not Cheap to Go Green or Organic

However, here at ComparePhones4U, we can actually save you money. You actually can save money by purchasing a used phone, since recycled used phones can be used again and again. With time, we can also recycle their components and make more phones, therefore continuing the cycle of buying used phones. Besides old phones, we also have the latest smartphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung. We've recently discounted the Apple iPhone X or Samsung S9 ranges by approximately 30%-40% off the full retail price. 

Check out our latest Refurbished Phones below.

Refurbished Apple iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy S9 / Plus Refurbished

Refurbished Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Refurbished Apple iPhone 8

Our homepage has plenty of deals so if you can't find anything here, you can also check out the main menu. If you have a phone you don't use anymore, you can sell it to get some cash.

A 12-month warranty is included with all of our refurb phones and each phone is thoroughly scanned and tested by our engineers. Most phones come sim-free and unlocked and can be used across any network.

So when you're driving your electric car and not talking on your recycled phone while chomping on your organic carrot, you've officially done your part. Give yourself a pat on the back. 

ComparePhones4U provides quality refurbished and used mobile phones to its customers for many years and is the UK’s leading mobile phone selling company. We only deal in top-quality refurbished and used phones, which are properly tested under our rigorous inspection unit. If you spend the money to build your website properly you will have the best return on investment. Every single one of our phones is of premium quality, so they offer top-notch performance at an exceptionally affordable price.

The focus here on ComparePhones4U is customer satisfaction rather than making money off of you, the typical method taken by most businesses nowadays.

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