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This page including other documents is to tell you the term and condition whether you are a visitor or a registered member. It is recommended to read all the terms and conditions carefully to know the company policy. Using this website means, you are agreed to the terms and conditions of the company. These terms and conditions are meant to be updated with the time and you are advised to check the page on regular basis to know the current changes being revised. We have the right to withdraw any services without noticing to any individual or party. Similarly, the company is not liable to any person for a temporary or permanent termination of the website.

Website Use

The website is only for individual purposes that serves specific services, it is strongly prohibited to use the website content for professional use. This website is offering its services only in the UK, it is recommended that it must be used within the UK to avoid any action. All material and content are for UK customers only. If you are registered here at our website, you are advised to do not share your credentials with any third party, in the case of rules violation, the company has right to disable your account without any prior information. It will be considered that you couldn’t meet up the terms and conditions of the website.

We keep updating our website time to time, in the case we do not update any content in terms and condition category and have made some changes to the website or services, the company doesn’t come under such obligation to update the information. Accessing website must not mean to be used malicious technology such as torjans, viruses, and other harmful material that can harm the website.
We make it sure that information given on our website is accurate and complete, still, we do not claim any warrant that given information is 100% accurate. We are not responsible for the third party content and his policies as we are solely a medium to connect the customers to the companies offering such services. To oblige by their policies, you must rad concerned companies’ terms and conditions before making any deal. Any link given on our website is completely safe and trustworthy to deal, but still, we are not responsible for the link results if they are temporary available, or link is down. Once you are redirected to the relevant company’s website; you are directly dealing with them. We are not responsible for any third company policies, offers, and deals. Every deal is done on the behalf of two parties; customer and the company offering refurbished phones. Similarly, we do not represent the content they are using on their website for marketing or any other purpose.
Your personal information means a lot to us, we are committed to secure your credentials but if there is any security breach on your side, the company will not be responsible.
Intellectual property rights

The company is solely owner of every material, logo, slogans, content, and graphics. No other party or individual is allowed to use the website property for any mean. Similarly, we will not be responsible for the action of any company representing our name and logo.

Limitation of Liability

None of the information given in the website content to harm anyone sentiments or any effect that may cause serious or normal injury. We are not responsible for any company misinterpreting our name an information you are strictly advised to contact us if you feel something unusual. Because in such case, we will not be responsible for any damage whether physical, sentimental, or economical. Company tries are 100% to provide you accurate information but still if there is something doesn’t come under as explained, you need to contact the office immediately so they may guide you accurately.
We have made maximum efforts to make everything correct on the website, still, we do not provide any warranty ad surety for the relevant company products, their warranties, and returns. If a customer finds purchased a product not satisfactory or damaged, our company is not responsible for such damages. You need to contact the concerned company to resolve the issues, while we are only providing you a channel to approach such online refurbished smartphones stores.
We are not the authority to accept your payments similarly we are not liable to pay any customer for his/her damages. If a customer finds any product irrelevant or is not meeting your requirement, you must contact the concerned company immediately for further procedure. We are not the part of any company or their offers.

General Terms and conditions

The access to the website means you are agreed to our privacy policy and terms and conditions mentioned here. If you are not comfortable with company’s terms and conditions, you are not allowed to use the website and access its services.

Its company’s right to amend any term and condition without noticing its customers. The updated terms will be directly effective to the date when these are amended. If you are continually visiting the website that will consider your acceptance of our terms and conditions.
If any visitor breaches these regulations, the company has right to cease his/her access to the website immediately.
We are an independent refurbished mobile phone comparison company which doesn’t have any connection to the companies offering products, neither we are responsible any company’s services including their shipment and money transaction procedure.

We provide refurbished phone comparison services only for the ease of customers looking reliable source to buy refurbished phones. We try of best to give our customers all the answers they are looking for, still, if any information is missing or third party doesn’t provide you accurate information, we are not responsible for this action.
The company has complete authority over the website, if it finds an unusual activity from any customer, it can restrict its access immediately.
We have complete right to edit, ad, minimize any information given on website anytime.
Individual, professionals, or any business can use this website to compare refurbished mobile phone prices and access to the refurbished smartphone companies only.
You cannot use this website if you are found tempering any data available on website

All the prices and description of mobile devices are shown here do not represent the details of any device including terms and condition. You need to visit the relevant party website to read the complete description and their terms and condition before you buy any phone. We will not be responsible for your decision by viewing our short description or price available on our site.
If you are buying a refurbished phone to any party given in the list, you will be responsible for all dealings and their conditions. You must read their instructions before making any deal. We will not be responsible for any damage or hidden charges.
We only provide the links to the third party sellers, we do not represent their websites, content, and packages. You access to their websites at your own risk. Damage to your device while accessing their sites, you will be solely responsible for such actions.

Opinions and reviews given on the third party refurbished smartphone sellers are not added to us. Similarly, we do not endorse such feedback.
You are recommended to read our as well as third-party websites terms and conditions to ensure that you are making a deal with company’s instructions and recommendation. We do not own any loss while your connection to any third party website.

Buyer’s Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to provide 100% accurate information to avoid any misunderstanding and delay to make the deal swift.
Users must sure that their actions do not put the website under virus attacks, torjans, and malicious software
Customers must not attempt any malicious effort to harm the website
Every registration process requires confidential information; it is strictly advised that you must not share your personal information with anyone. In such case, the company will not be responsible for security breaching.

We are not responsible for any wrong information you provide. You will be solely liable for your actions and the data you provide
It is advised to check all information you provide to the seller is accurate, in a case of wrong information, our company will not be responsible for any compensation. It is recommended to read the guideline, conditions, and product description carefully before you make a final deal.
Our company is only providing information about the third party sellers/suppliers, we are not representing them or their goods/content/policies

We are not responsible for any information you have shared with the seller or supplier
You are the solely responsible for all types of payments, we are not responsible for any payment or loss you have during the buying process or even after it.
If you share your bank details, credit card information or any personal info, in the case of credentials breaching, we will not be responsible

The customer agrees not to:

Automated software to visit website, website should be accessed manually
Use website for commercial purposes
Damage website in an attempt to disable the function or content of the website
Use website for illegal, or immoral activities that may come under English Law violation


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