New Information Has Revealed One More Big Surprise? Apple Iphone 13

It's likely that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models will have a 7.57mm thickness. The iPhone 12 measures 0.17mm thicker than the iPhone 13. The good news is that most people won't notice the change. Even so, if the iPhone 13 feels a little thicker in your hands this fall, don't worry.

What does Apple's red iPhone do for the fight against HIV/AIDS

The character of the Apple Red product in the current scenario The purchase of red products from Apple contributes to the fight against COVID-19. Apple announced earlier this year that it would be partnering with (RED) to help combat COVID-19 and that "100% of eligible proceeds" would be donated to the Global Fund's COVID19 Response. The goal of Apple and (RED) in doing this is to help fund research and treatment for COVID-19, which is a risk to HIV/AIDS sufferers. One thing which is so appreciable is that:

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