Apple Watch Series 7 is coming this fall, as are AirPods 3, iPad mini 6, and more

Apple will be introducing its new iPhone models, Apple Watch Series 7, and long-rumored AirPods 3 within the next month. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman provides an overview of all Apple's fall announcements in his Power On newsletter.

What does Apple's red iPhone do for the fight against HIV/AIDS

The character of the Apple Red product in the current scenario The purchase of red products from Apple contributes to the fight against COVID-19. Apple announced earlier this year that it would be partnering with (RED) to help combat COVID-19 and that "100% of eligible proceeds" would be donated to the Global Fund's COVID19 Response. The goal of Apple and (RED) in doing this is to help fund research and treatment for COVID-19, which is a risk to HIV/AIDS sufferers. One thing which is so appreciable is that:


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